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HIT director Sailesh Kolanu says, ‘not every South film does well, many won’t work even if it is dubbed’

In an exclusive conversation with Crime Tak, HIT: The First Case director Sailesh Kolanu, reacted to the Bollywood vs South debate. He had also directed the Telugu version of HIT.

South Indian films have been working wonders at the Indian box office for quite some time now. And, since the global success of films like Pushpa, RRR, and KGF, there has been a widespread debate about Bollywood vs South Indian films. Weighing in on the current debate, HIT: The First Case director Sailesh Kolanu shared his views in an exclusive interview with Crime Tak.


Speaking about the success of South films, Sailesh Kolanu said that there are only films that have worked in recent times which were made on a large scale and were of good quality. “I don’t think every South has worked. Not every South film has worked well here. The films that were a hit here had quality and were also made on a big scale.

They had a universal emotion and that’s why they could cross the language barrier. In the last six-seven months, there have been a lot of South films released of which we don’t even know the names of. There are many films which won’t work even if they’re dubbed, but some do.”

He further added, “Likewise, HIT cannot be dubbed. If it is dubbed, only 30-40 per cent of my vision will reach you. It is an informative thriller. There are a lot of plot points which are based only on communication. If you watch it with subtitles or in dubbed, you won’t see my vision. Some movies will have to be recreated in that case.”


HIT – The First Case is the remake of the 2020 Telugu hit of the same. The film is directed by Dr Sailesh Kolanu, who had also helmed the original. The Telugu film HIT starred Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma in lead roles. The film follows a cop who is tracing a missing woman. The Hindi version is bankrolled by T-Series’ Bhushan Kumar,

Dil Raju, Krishan Kumar and Kuldeep Rathore. As HIT is a massive investigative franchise down South, the makers are planning to give the Hindi remake a similar spin on a larger canvas. In the Hindi remake, Rajkummar Rao will be seen in the lead role of the policeman.

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