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Eve Teasing Paragraph | for every classes students

Eve Teasing paragraph is important for school, college, and university students. Mainly for those students who read in classes 6, 7, 8, SSC, and HSC. There is a high chance to come to this paragraph on the final semester exam. So you should memorize this paragraph very well. If that comes on the exam you can easily answer it. Also, the paragraph contains 10 marks on the Exam so you should answer it properly.

Here I have given two paragraphs, the first has easier than the second one.  On this two-paragraph memorize one which is easy for you. But remember larger paragraph helps you get better marks on exams.

Eve Teasing Paragraph for Every Class

Eve teasing is a heinous social crime. It has taken a disastrous form recently in our country. Eve teasing means to harass women by men. It is a traumatic experience for women. Now eve-teasing is also referred to as stalking. Generally, eve-teasing starts with a rude comment or a song from a distance or at a close range, a nudge, pinch, or brush against the body. With the passage of time, the manner of eve-teasing has changed to phone calls, text messages, emails and letters, and flowers. It has become the cause of sufferings for many girls and their families. Many girls have been compelled to stop going out home and doing outdoor activities. Many committed suicide. Eve-teasing also occurs in offices, schools, colleges, and universities. To get rid of this problem social awareness as well as strict law is a must. Moreover, parents should come forward to guide their sons according to religion.

Now, the 2nd paragraph on Eve Teasing is a little bigger version of the upper one. Because this below paragraph has 250 words. Also, this paragraph is a little mature and the English sentence is more beautiful and refined. So I recommend you, if you are reading in class 8, 9-10 then you should memorize the below paragraph. it will help get you better marks on exams.

Eve Teasing Paragraph for 8/SSC/HSC

Eve teasing in recent days has become a great problem for the common people. Most of the time school and college-going girls fall a victim to Eve-teasing. Three or four teenage boys or even more grown-up boys are seen standing at the corner of the road. They wear strange fashionable dresses and long hair. Some of them smoke. When they see any young girl or woman passing by, they pass comments towards them. At this, the girls or women feel very embarrassed and dishonored. Eve teasers even do not hesitate to tease the mother of a girl. As a result, the situation has become very difficult for girls. If anyone protests Eve-teasing, the teasers become violent and threaten the person who protests. They even threaten the girls to death or physical torture. In this regard, it is very difficult to tolerate the situation. Girls are afraid of going out. They even feel insecure to go to schools and colleges. The government has become quite aware of stopping this malpractice. The government has already empowered mobile courts to stop eve-teasing. Anyone, convicted of harassment or stalking of women will face a year in jail or a fine of about 70 dollars or both. The mobile court has given authority to give punishment to the eve-teasers at once. Education Ministry has also initiated the declaration that 13 June as the Eve-Teasing Protection Day which is encouraged to protect this social evil.

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I hope you can memorize this paragraph very easily and get good marks on your exam. And if you want to know more about Eve Teasing then check this article.

Best wishes for you and your exam

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