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Load Shedding Paragraph | for every class 6 to 10 students

Load Shedding is a very important paragraph for Classes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. This paragraph is very important for Semester Exam. So you should memorize this paragraph very well. So if it comes to the exam then you can easily answer it. Here I have given three paragraphs, the first of which is 150 words and the second is 250 words.

So, if you are reading in Class 4/5/6 or 7 then I recommend to you memorize the below paragraph because it is easy to remember. And this paragraph is written with a very easy English words also it has only 150 words. load shedding paragraph in easy words

(1) Load Shedding for class 6

Bangladesh is a small country with many problems. Load shedding is one of them. Load shedding means the discontinuation of the supply of electricity for a time being. It is a common affair now in our country. There are many causes of load shedding. It mainly occurs due to less generation of power and illegal connection. Ill–use and the people working in this sector are also responsible for load shedding. It causes great harm to us. Shops, factories, hospitals, etc are all affected by it. It results in an extreme decrease in the production of crops. It paralyzes our economy. It hinders our development. Students also suffer from load shedding. Sometimes criminals commit crimes during load shedding. After all, it has made our life miserable. If we can not solve this problem, we will lag behind. No foreign investment will come. To get rid of this problem, we should prevent misuse, generate more power and disconnect illegal connections on an emergency basis. Moreover, shopping places and business centers should be kept open for a scheduled period


(2) Load Shedding

means the suspension of the “supply of electricity for a certain period. It occurs in all the places where there is a connection to electricity. It has become a regular affair in our country. Load-shedding is caused for different causes. The insufficient production of electricity in our country is the main cause of load shedding Misuse of electricity is another cause Illegal connection of electricity is also responsible for load shedding. On the other hand, the government is not sincere to produce electricity in proportion to our demand. So due to load-shedding and factories decreases. Fresh food preserved in the refrigerator gets rotten. Loadshedding at night encourages the miscreant’s production in mille in their violent works. Students also can not study properly due to load-shedding. After all, load shedding affects the economy of our country. So, the authority should establish more plans and powerhouses to solve this problem. Illegal connection and system loss should also be stopped.

বঙ্গানুবাদ: বিদ্যুৎ বিভ্রাট হচ্ছে কিছু সময়ের জন্য বিদ্যুৎ এর সরবরাহ স্থগিত রাখা। বিদ্যুৎ সংযোগ আছে এমন সকল স্থানেই বিদ্যুৎ বিভ্রাট ঘটে থাকে। এটি আমাদের দেশে একটি নৈমিত্তিক ব্যাপারে পরিণত হয়েছে। বিভ্রাট বিবিধ কারণে হয়ে থাকে। বিদ্যুতের অপর্যাপ্ত উৎপাদন আমাদের দেশে বিদ্যুৎ বিভ্রাট -এর প্রধান কারণ। বিদ্যুতের অপব্যবহার হচ্ছে আরেকটি কারণ। বিদ্যুতের অবৈধ সংযোগও লোড শেডিংএর জন্য দায়ী। পক্ষান্তরে, আমাদের চাহিদার তুলনায় বিদ্যুৎ উৎপাদনে সরকার আন্তরিক নয়। তাই বিদ্যুৎ বিভ্রাটের কারণে কলকারখানার উৎপাদন হ্রাস পায়। রেফ্রিজারেটরে রক্ষিত সতেজ খাবার পঁচে যায়। রাতের বেলায় বিদ্যুৎ বিভ্রাট দুষ্কৃতকারীদেরকে তাদের খারাপ কাজে উৎসাহিত করে। শিক্ষার্থীরাও বিদ্যুৎ বিভ্রাটের কারণে সঠিকভাবে পড়াশুনা করতে পারে না। মোটের উপর বিদ্যুৎ বিভ্রাট আমাদের দেশের অর্থনীতিতে প্রভাব ফেলে। তাই এ সমস্যা সমাধানে কর্তৃপক্ষের অধিক স্থাপনা এবং বিদ্যুৎ উৎপাদন কেন্দ্র প্রতিষ্ঠা করা উচিত। অবৈধ সংযোর্গ, সিস্টেম লসও বন্ধ করতে হবে।


(3) Load Shedding

The people living in the areas supplied with electricity are quite familiar with the term load-shedding. There is hardly any area that is not affected by load-shedding. Load-shedding means the discontinuation of the supply of electricity. Load-shedding occurs when a generation of power is less than the demand and also for unplanned distribution of electricity: It creates problems with far-reaching consequences in the socio-economic development of a country. Houses, mills, factories, industries, shops, and hospitals all fall a victim to it. The running mills, factories, and industries come to a standstill. Failure of electricity hampers productivity. Domestic life becomes painful. The housewives grope in the darkness in the kitchen. The sufferings of the students due to load shedding beggar description. The patients also suffer terribly from load-shedding. Operations are stopped. The food kept in the refrigerators gets rotten. The commodities are preserved in cold storage. get: spoiled. In fact, load-shedding causes great suffering to the people and an irreparable loss to the country. The entire life-domestic and industrial-comes to a standstill. An all-out effort should be made to stop load-shedding.

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I hope you can memorize this paragraph very easily and get good marks on your exam.

Best wishes for you and your exam

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