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Tree Plantation Easy Paragraph | for every classes students

The tree Plantation paragraph is important for school, college, and university students. Mainly for those students who read in classes 6, 7, 8, SSC, and HSC. There is a high chance to come to this paragraph on the final semester exam. So you should memorize this paragraph very well. If that comes on the exam you can easily answer it. Also, the paragraph contains 10 marks on the Exam so you should answer it properly.

Here I have given two paragraphs, the first has easier than the second one.  In this two-paragraph memorize one which is easy for you. But remember larger paragraph helps you get better marks on exams.

Tree Plantation Paragraph for Every Class

Tree plantation means planting and growing trees more and more. Now ‘Plant Tree’ has become a slogan. Trees are our best friends. They are very useful to us. They give us oxygen. They supply us with food, fruits, and timber. They take carbon dioxide which is responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming. They protect the soil from being washed away. They keep the balance of the environment. They save us from droughts and natural disasters. They are used for preparing medicines too. Without trees, our country will turn into a desert. We will face natural calamities. Our life will be at stake. Forest and wildlife will be destroyed. So to avoid destruction and save the world we should plant more trees and take care of them. June and July are the best time for tree plantation in our country. We can plant trees beside our homes, playgrounds, roads, and rail lines. Govt. multimedia can play an important role in encouraging people to plant more

Now, the 2nd paragraph on Tree Plantation is a little bigger version of the upper one. Because this below paragraph has 250 words. Also, this paragraph is a little mature and the English sentence is more beautiful and refined. So I recommend you, if you are reading in class 8, 9-10 then you should memorize the below paragraph. it will help get you better marks on exams.

Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation Paragraph for 8/SSC/HSC

Trees are useful to man in three very important ways. They provide him with wood and other products; they give him shade, and they help to prevent drought and floods. Trees bear a great impact on the climate. If we destroy trees at random, one day the country will turn into a great dessert. Again there will be no rain and as a result, the country will face a great crisis. Trees keep the soil strong. Treeś saves us from floods and many other natural calamities. Trees prevent the temperature rise. They give us oxygen. They prevent the rise of carbon dioxide worldwide. Thus trees maintain ecological balance. Trees give us food and shelter. They make the land fertile. We get timber from trees. This timber is used in making houses, boats, ships, furniture, etc. They save the house from the cyclone. They also give shade to protect us from the scorching heat of the sun. Many trees give us fruit. Trees help to cause rain. They prevent a region from becoming a desert. Trees provide shelter to birds and beasts. Trees are things of beauty too. We can take care of trees by not cutting them. We can also take care of trees by planting them more and more. We should plant trees more and more for a better, happier, and healthier life.

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